Monday, December 7, 2009

Little imperfections~

Tapping those fingertips against the wooden table whilst listening to Yiruma’s soothing melody...faded memories came rushing by…as if it was just yesterday…everything filled with laughter, joy, warmth and there’s only one word to describe --- perfect. This reminds me, nothing is perfect in this world but it’s the little imperfections that made it perfect.

Be grateful with what you have now, appreciate life which was given to you, appreciate everything that u have now, dare to take risks, take action on the impossible perhaps? Let there be no regrets in life and allow bringing satisfaction to one self. Give ya self a chance to prove what is hidden deep inside of you~~ and always have faith in everything you do! Life is unpredictable; anything could just happen in a glimpse, vanish from your sight without even you realizing… … cherish those who you love and let them know. =)

Have Faith, Hope and Love~ ^^



symphonYZ said...

All our life, we have been searching for answers.
Too often we ask.. why. why me..
Everything that happened, happened for a reason.
The pain, the unhappiness, they make us realise..let us appreciate..
A person without any sadness at all, won't know the feeling of happiness either.
Even a baby has to learn crying first before he can laugh.
So if you feel like crying, just cry it out, bearing in mind that once you know how to cry, laughter and joy won't be too far away.

Don't be afraid of anything.
You never know whats gonna happen, unless you try.
Open your heart, and follow where it leads you.
Shoot for the moon, even if you fail, you'll land among the stars.

This is for you and for me.
Different troubles and different dreams we may have, let's just pack away all the problems without looking back, have a lil faith in ourselves, and yeah..
Let's go shooting for the MOON~ ^^

Sugarbaby~ said...

hehehe~ thanks!~ said... support u ^.^ happy new year pig~